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Smoothing Plane

Smoothing PlaneSmoothing Plane
Smoothing Plane  10.5 in. Long, 2.70 in. Wide, 2.75 in. High, 2 in. Double Plane Iron
with Inlaid Cocobolo Mouth Insert

This smoothing plane is of solid European Beech construction, with a dense hardwood strike plate and sole. This hand plane has just enough mass to provide exceptional planing, and at the same time is
not very fatiguing after long use. The smoothing plane features a plane and cap iron assembly handcrafted by Hock Tools. Each hand plane is tuned and tested by us prior to being shipped. The smoothing plane is also provided with the White Mountain Toolworks engraved maker's mark and comes complete with both adjustment instructions and sharpening instructions for plane iron. The approximate dimensions are 2.7 in. wide , 2.75 in. high and 10 in. long, with a 2 in. wide, 3.5 in. long plane iron assembly. The smoothing or finishing plane can be ordered with a cutting angle 
ranging from 45 degrees to 55 degrees. The higher angle is more appropriate for dense hardwoods, highly figured woods, and scraping. The lower angle is better suited for average hardwoods and general hand planing and finishing. Experience how this hand plane produces paper-thin shavings.....

  • Solid European beech construction
  • Hand built to exacting tolerances
  • Dense hardwood strike plate 
  • Chamfered Goncavo Alves hardwood sole
    with Inlaid Cocobolo mouth insert
  • Polished durable finish 
  • Extra thick 3/16 in. high-carbon tool steel blade offers 
    superior stability, precise adjustment, and easier honing
  • Plane irons are hardened to Rc62 for long edge life 
  • Available with a cutting angle of 45, 50, or 55 degrees
  • Easily adjusted in seconds

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Ergonomic design provides less fatigue when planing
[Bullet] Shaped center area to provide lateral adjustment of plane iron
[Bullet] Dense hardwood strike plate and sole for increased durability


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